The terroir

A unique terroir, unique wine.

A unique terroir, unique wine.
A unique terroir, unique wine.

Fifty years ago, a special vintage was born of these parcels planted mainly with Pinot Noir. An “extra dry” wine for General De Gaulle (former French President), Champagne aficionado who lived not far from Urville at Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises.

The wines that make up the Boërl & Kroff vintages come from three plots of approximately one hectare each, composed of old vines in the village of Urville. Pinot Noir is the dominant grape variety, followed by Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier.

For the development of Boërl & Kroff Champagne, only the equivalent of one hectare and half are used, and only the best grapes from the best clusters are selected. The Boërl & Kroff vineyards are part of the sublime geography of Champagne.


Their rows, well aligned, make up an elegant and healthy landscape on sloping hillsides facing directly south.
The soils called “Calcosol” from the Kimmeridgian epoch are alternate layers of Barrois hard limestone and marl. The resulting soil is extremely calcareous and rich in clay. This composition offers the best conditions for development of grapes.

Drained soils, an incredible minerality, an exceptional terroir combine to create a singular and personal Champagne.
Boërl & Kroff Champagne are always pushing the existing boundaries furtherby working year after year only on the most beautiful vintages.