The history of its taste

From the beginning, Patrick Sabaté and Stéphane Sésé were in search of a Taste. They had the desire for a new sensory experience, unprecedented, different and unique. For that it was necessary to define this Taste, to write the score and find the conductor.

Smooth, onctuous and generous, an acidity specific to the finest wines, the Champagne Boërl & Kroff is composed by a palett of very complex flavors, rich and above all, an outstanding length in the mouth. Such a tiny bubble that we might forget sometime that we certainly taste one of the greatest wines from Champagne of all times. A wine that can envelop both the mouth and the mind and that lingers a very long time.

This challenge at first seemed counter-current or even unrealistic. This is when Michel Drappier, "the magician of Urville" intervenes and explains to Patrick Sabaté and Stéphane Sésé, that to achieve this it will be necessary to gather that which Champagne can produce better and to attempt the unprecedented.

Patrick Sabaté & Stéphane Sésé